Swift Rose is an improvising and composing duo of violinists Mazz Swift and Alisa Rose who transcend genre in search of musical connection, communication, and meaning.   We are two classically trained violinists turned genre defying fiddlers who seek to explore the expressive qualities of music that can be understood across barriers of artistic and cultural conventions.  Mazz and Alisa's original tunes are influenced from their backgrounds in classical music, energetic Irish fiddle tunes, spiraling gypsy dances, fiery tangos, free improvisation, and rowdy bluegrass tunes. 


About Mazz Swift!  

Violin/Vox/Freestyle Composition artist Mazz Swift is critically acclaimed as one of America's most talented and versatile performers today and engages audiences worldwide with her signature weaving of composition and improvisation called MazzMuse. Aside from her work as a performing artist, Ms. Swift is a composer. Her works include commissions by The University of Delaware, Neues Kabarett (through a Meet-the-Composer grant), The New Harmony Music School & Festival, and the Blaffer Foundation. Several of her pieces for atypical chamber ensemble have been performed live and also replayed on National Public Radio. Mazz is also a teaching artist with Carnegie Hall's Musical connections program, conducts workshops on free improvisation in the States and abroad, and has traveled to Suriname, Mozambique, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Albania and Siberia as cultural ambassador on behalf of the United States Department of State. 


Social Justice Program

In our Social Justice program, Swift Rose presents music inspired by current social issues to serve as a catalyst for social awakening, dialogue, and change.

This project, and its focus on musical and cultural dialogue, is inspired in part by Mazz and Alisa’s respective experiences in 2012 and 2013, touring as cultural ambassadors for the US Department of State  “American Music Abroad” program.

Our experiences performing and teaching overseas on this tour gave us a profound understanding of music as a catalyst for cross-cultural communication.  We found writing and performing new pieces inspired by other cultures strengthens the connections between those cultures and the artist.  It has been a goal for Swift Rose to take what we have learned abroad and apply it to our work here at home. As a duo we write and perform music which connects the various cultures within the US.